Who are we?

The e-mark is the official Danish accreditation for safe online trading.

The e-mark is administered by the e-commerce Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 2000 by some of the industry’s most influential organizations supported by The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education. To bear the e-mark all web shops go through a thorough approval process, in which our juridical team insures that each web shop not only meet the legal requirements but also our 10 special standards for correct and consumer friendly conduct on the Internet.

Who are you?

Web shop

If your web shop is in Danish targeting Danish consumers (no Danish company required), the e-mark is the right choice for you, as having your web shop e-marked opens up a world of opportunity; not only do a series of A/B split tests show that the e-mark boosts conversions rates, it is also an assurance to both you and your customers that your web shop meet all legal requirements. Furthermore, as a member of the e-mark labeling scheme you have unlimited access to our competent juridical team, that will help you with everything from quality assurance of marketing efforts to conciliation between you and your customers if needed.

For a non-committal talk about prices and possibilities for your web shop please contact Head of Sales, Jesper Arp-Hansen, +45 26 14 61 24.


The e-mark is your way to a safe shopping experience before, during and after an online purchase. All e-marked web shops have undergo a thorough background check and through continuous testing our juridical team ensures, that they all maintain the high standards expected of them.

When shopping at an e-marked web shop we not only guarantee that the safest method of payment is always available, we also ensure that invoking your right of cancellation is made just as easy as buying the product in the first place and that promised delivery times are always met.

If you have any questions concerning your rights as a consumer or if you have a specific problem with one of the e-marked shops, our competent jurists are ready to help and guide you, completely free of charge, via our Consumer Hotline every weekday from 9:00-11:30. Just call +45 44 85 85 90 or send an email to forbruger@emaerket.dk.